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What is Bitcoin Life?

 already active in its 8th year

Bitcoin Life was founded in 2013 - long before the great Bitcoin hype - as an innovative pension fund with BaFin-approved statutes (BaFin = Federal Financial Supervisory Authority Of Germany). We are neither a stock exchange nor a trading place for cryptocoins or tokens, nor a fund with mixed values.

 everything done right

Within 4 years, we were able to achieve a demonstrable return of around 20,000 percent (twenty thousand! based on the price in euros) and have paid these to our members in the form of pension benefits.

 at the forefront of development

In the following two years, we preferred to engage sidechain in modern, contemporary transactor allocations. We concentrated on sub-congruent allocation units with realistic outrun potential. As in the first phase, our assessment was correct and we were able to develop our own technical and financially innovative approaches and bring them to pre-market maturity.

 no experiments

Bitcoin Life has always maintained good contact with user and sidechaining groups as well as the developer scene from the very beginning. Bitcoin Life also makes use of the expertise of proven experts in other fields, primarily in the fields of business, finance and management consulting.

 better is better than good

At the end of 2020, we took the big leap and modified the benefit plan in the direction of insurance and pension plan alternatives. We are well aware that the full potential of digitisation and, above all, virtualisation, especially by means of block chain technology, has not yet reached the awareness of the general public. Nevertheless, we are confident that our concept - in this or in a further adaptation variant - will prevail over the traditional and outdated systems because of its undeniable advantages.

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